Welcome to 5 Dogs and a Baby™

A proactive dog training program, that will prepare your dog to welcome your new baby.

When you find out you are having a baby and you already have a dog (or dogs), so many questions run through your mind. You may wonder will my dog accept this baby? How do I introduce them? Are they going to be best friends or worst enemies? Do I have to keep them separated? Do I have to find a new home for my dog? Would my dog ever bite my baby? There are so many concerns for the safety of your child, but, your dog is family too. How can you keep them both safe? You need answers.

My name is Kelly King and I have the answers to your questions. I have 5 dogs, and a baby, and I have been through it all. I would love to help you ease the transition that is about to happen in your household. Having worked as a dog trainer at a Humane Society for years, I felt my dogs would do great with our new bundle of joy. But, I still wanted my pack o’ dogs to be as prepared as possible for our baby’s arrival. Even with my extensive dog training experience I was still looking for new ideas and any edge I could give my mutts. There was limited information available on the web, and even more disappointing...the information that was out there was not very good. I wanted more than the standard quote of “bring a blanket home from the hospital and let the dog sniff it.” I had 9 months to get my dogs ready BEFORE I brought a baby home. That is how 5dogsandababy.com was born. more »

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