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Guinness Plays through the Pain

All dogs feel pain. Some dogs mask it better than others, some dogs will fall apart due to a minor injury, and act as if they are totally "painless" to a serious one. Does it go as far back as the dogs wild orgins? Do they mask serious injury to keep from looking vulnerable to potential predators?  more »

5 Dogs and a Baby is Interviewed by PackPeople.com

If you want to know more about our training program and our philosophy please check out our latest interview!!!! It is an audio interview with PackPeople. Click here to hear it  www.packpeople.com.



i love 5dogsandababy.com

i love 5dogsandababy.com

Kelsey Soby and Fox 9 News

I am thrilled to say we now have our interview with Fox 9 news posted right on our site!

Back in July, on a balmy 97 degree very humid day (don't believe me, check out my hair in it frizzzzz ha ha), Kelsey Sobe, and her awesome camera man Steve, came to our country home, and interviewed us for 5 Dogs and a Baby. more »

Fox 9 News Interview

View our Fox 9 news interview here -- if you have problems, we have added a direct link to it on Fox 9 news! We will be blogging about the experience very soon!


Holiday for Your Baby vs. Holiday for Your Dog Part 1

Well folks, the 4th of July holiday got me thinking about a blog topic near and dear to my heart. What holiday if any should my dog participate in? You all know I love my dogs to death, however I am kind of a "holiday doggie buzz kill" and let me explain why.  Let's take the most recent holiday, the 4th of July. There are many dogs that suffer from sound sensitivity. Fireworks booming and popping can frighten most dogs without sound sensitivity to the point of disorientation, let alone sound sensitive dogs. more »

very good post

hi I enjoyed this nice article


I can attest to your dogs being very good when you have visitors, of course I dont really visit to see the dogs, I just want to visit the Baby, but that being said, the dogs have never bothered me......oh maybe that one time when Mythos (PNDS) jumped up and got my viking sweatshirt muddy, LOL (he is the youngest)

PS   Your Blogs are great, keep them coming!!!!


Reply to Holidays

That is funny about Mythos, he was just a puppy then. It has been a long time since he has jumped on anyone. However, he does not know he weighs 90lbs and if you sit on the couch he will try to crawl into your lap as if he were a chihuahua!!!!!  That Meat he sure does suffer from PNDS!!

Does Your Dog Suffer from P.N.D.S.?

Today's blog is on the a little known affliction called P.N.D.S. Although there is no cure, there are things you can do to help manage this syndrome. My dog Mythos suffers from P.N.D.S., it can be costly, and frustrating at times. The symptoms of this affliction can be taxing, and too much for most to deal with. Some people choose to give up their dog to a shelter, or rescue for the reason that, management of this syndrome can feel like a full time job. But there is hope for those of us with dogs that have P.N.D.S.  more »


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I think everyone can relate to this one

I remember years ago, we had a dog named Ginger, and she just could not help herself from digging into the bathroom wastebasket and shredding all the used Kleenex.  Our bathroom was upstairs and sometimes she would come down the stairs into the living room with her head down in a very apologetic submissive mode, which we translated as "I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself!"  If you went upstairs to check out the bathroom, you would find the covered with the remains of her shredding.

She definitely suffered from PNDS!

Dog and Baby, Wash and Cry

We are adding yet another page to the book of hyjinx also known as our daily lives. Sunday was dog bath day in our house, much to everyone's chagrin. As I mentally and physically prepare for the 5 dog bath marathon that is about to take place, I fail to realize a new twist is about to rise up.Guinness is first up more »

The guideline I use is to

The guideline I use is to bathe my Jack Russell either 1x or 2x a month in the summer and less frequently in the winter, since cold weather and ehated homes tend to dray out dog skin. I find that bathing too often will remove the coat's natural oils and cause the skin to dry and flake. I also spot clean with a no rinse shampoo or wipes. The wipes can be used every 2 days. If my Jack starts to smell, I'll also throw in an extra bath.

Can You Dig It!!

A friend of mine just agreed to dog sit for a year, while the dog's owner is over seas. He said the dog is very well trained, but they have one problem, the dog loves to dig. He wanted some pointers, to stop this digging. I said "Well let's blog about it. "First off let's talk about the breed of this dog. As I have only viewed one photo of the dog, I am just guessing here, but I am fairly confident that it is a Siberian Husky, or a strong mix there of. more »

It's So Distracting

Our previous blog talked about rewards. I would like to extend the conversation into today's blog, but from a different angle. I want you to look at the list that you made of the things your dog loves and rank them 1-5. One being the best. Now, make a list of all the places you need your dog to comply with your behavior requests. For example, the living room, the fenced back yard off leash, on the regular walk, at a pet store, and at a dog park.

We are going to look at an example of this with one of my dogs, Vegas

Top 5 foods (food is her reward wheelhouse) Top 5 activities more »

Just Rewards

Today's blog is going to be a training treat, emphasis on the treat part. We are going to talk about what trumps what in your dog's world.

Before your training journey begins the most important thing you need to learn about your canine companion is, what do I have that my dog wants? What does my dog consider a reward? Is is food? Is it my attention? Is it a toy, or game? To what level can my dog's attention be held with this item that they consider a reward. Is it a high value, high distraction reward? Or is it a low value, low distraction reward? more »