Basic Training for Dog and Baby

Phase One, Basic Training for Dog and Baby, is the first step to preparing your dog for your baby's arrival. But this segment can also be used by anyone who just wants to understand their dog better. It takes a little time to read the following pages, but the information provided is essential to unlocking the key to your dog's brain. With this information, and a few 10 minute sessions of training a day, you can get your dog started in this program. Building a better relationship with your dog through training is the best thing you can do for your best friend, and for your new baby.

The information I provide in this Basic Training segment is essential knowledge you will need to really understand your dog and how my training program works. It will be tempting to glance past the written material and move right on to the training exercises but resist the urge and please read through the following information as it is very important. Also, if the Phases are read out of order, there will be mass confusion, and total chaos so just read them One, Two, Three, and Get to Work!

Here is a preview of what you get with the Basic Training for Dog and Baby package. I talk about the truth of Alpha and Dominance, what your dog's first language is, basics on how to understand and communicate in that language, how your dog's brain works and how to use that to your advantage, the canine learning curve, and six training exercises.

See you in Phase Two, Preparing for Dog and Baby.


Kelly King