Does Your Dog Suffer from P.N.D.S.?

Today's blog is on the a little known affliction called P.N.D.S. Although there is no cure, there are things you can do to help manage this syndrome. My dog Mythos suffers from P.N.D.S., it can be costly, and frustrating at times. The symptoms of this affliction can be taxing, and too much for most to deal with. Some people choose to give up their dog to a shelter, or rescue for the reason that, management of this syndrome can feel like a full time job. But there is hope for those of us with dogs that have P.N.D.S. 

How do I know if my dog has P.N.D.S.?

Symptoms of P.N.D.S. may include but are not exclusive to the following.

*Excessive inappropriate digging, Obsession with escaping any enclosure

*Running away given any opportunity (and returning with a skunk!!)

*Can never be "off leash", Obsessed with food, eats meal in 30 seconds

*Gets on counter to steal.....a roast, several bunches of bananas, pizzas, avocados, sandwiches, tomatoes, 

peaches, meatballs, bacon, pan of risotto, stick of butter-well more like sticks of butter, places entire head in

pot of beef stew ect ect.

*Excessive chewing of inappropriate objects such as.....rolls of toilet paper, used tissues or entire boxes of unused

tissues, money, paper towels, treat bags, pockets of pants that used to contain treats, cell phone, remote control,

sunglasses, leather bound book, bars of soap, tube of toothpaste ect ect.

*Baby related items consumed

dirty diapers, pacifiers, bibs, t shirts used as bibs, 3 ft of wipes (please don't ask me how I know it was that long lets just say I know)

So does your dog have P.N.D.S. like Mythos does? There is no shame in admitting that your dog has......

                                          !!!!!!!PERPETUAL NAUGHTY DOG SYNDROME!!!!!!! 

I am a dog trainer, and I have no problem in admitting that my dog Meat Head, (as we like to call him) is so stinking naughty that we invented a disorder to fit his naughty behavior. This syndrome does not come from lack of training, lack of exercise, or even lack of mental stimulation. It comes from his off the charts Bloodhound sense of smell. You see his sense of smell is so strong, it leads him to anything food related, which in turn leads him into the naughty dog abyss.

There is hope for dogs with Perpetual Naughty Dog Syndrome. Mythos has learned the importance of doing the right thing when it comes to the little man. We are diligent about rewarding him for the right behavior or behaviors around our little guy. We speak to him in a language he understands FOOD!!!! He is such a pig he will do almost anything for a tasty snack. 

One way to keep a dog with P.N.D.S. in check is find out what makes them tick, and use that to your advantage at every turn. If you have a dog that suffers from Perpetual Naughty Dog Syndrome, keep checking our 5 Dog Blog for training tips and humorous stories!




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I think everyone can relate to this one

I remember years ago, we had a dog named Ginger, and she just could not help herself from digging into the bathroom wastebasket and shredding all the used Kleenex.  Our bathroom was upstairs and sometimes she would come down the stairs into the living room with her head down in a very apologetic submissive mode, which we translated as "I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself!"  If you went upstairs to check out the bathroom, you would find the covered with the remains of her shredding.

She definitely suffered from PNDS!