Dog and Baby, Wash and Cry

We are adding yet another page to the book of hyjinx also known as our daily lives. Sunday was dog bath day in our house, much to everyone's chagrin. As I mentally and physically prepare for the 5 dog bath marathon that is about to take place, I fail to realize a new twist is about to rise up.Guinness is first up

Guinness is always my first bath "volunteer", in the spring she is shedding her undercoat, and if I don't apply copious amounts of creme rinse to her hair, she has dred locks for the summer. She takes the longest to dry, and she is the most cooperative of the dogs, when it comes to the bath. 

As I am getting the bath ready for the dog, I fail to realize that my Little Man is getting super excited for the bath that is about to take place, cute right? It was, right up until the point when he realized the bath was not for him. As Guinness got in HIS tub, he began to cry........and then scream.........and then cry........and then scream, you get the idea.Meat Toast is next

Because of the creme rinse situation, it takes at least 20 minutes to complete the bath for Guinness, he cried the entire time. Let's just say, I waited for him to go down for his nap to wash 3 more dogs. One still togo but the hot water situation needed a day to regenerate it's self.

As you have seen from photos of my dogs there is a predominate black and white theme going on here at my house. Haoulie sheds the amount of hair of 5 dogs just on his own. The hair from him alone can make my house look like a snow capped mountain of the Rockies. So grooming is not only necessary for him, it also cuts way down on "fur-bunnies" around the house. If I could afford it I would send Haoulie to the groomer once a month. He is so pretty when he is white but that is not very often as he loves to lay in the dirt! I am also very allergic to Haoulie when he is wet my skin breaks out in hives. So to the groomer would be my first option. But out here in the country, we are on the do it your self program.Belle shakes off her bath

Why is grooming important? Well, there are two types of coat on a dog. Some dogs have fur and some have hair. For example a poodle has hair and my WGSD has fur. Hair is on a continuos growth plan. Less on the floor, but more money at the groomer. Dogs with hair actually need regular "haircuts" about every 6 weeks or they get matted and tangled.

Dogs with fur replace all their fur about every 80 days or so, some in less time and some take more time. But, that means that every few months every hair on your dog's body falls out YIKES!! So most dogs need help shedding out that fur so they don't get bacteria build up on their skin, which can lead to the dreaded S.D.S in dogs (that's Stinky Dog Syndrome).Vegas is camera shy

Some dogs that have a double coat or undercoat like a GSD or Husky type dog, also "blow" their coats twice a year. This is when the coat literally comes out in chunks and tufts. There is no rhyme or reason to this process. Belle and Vegas are litter-mates and Vegas "blows" her coat in February, Belle doesn't blow hers until June.

Some of my favorite grooming tools are a Zoom Groom, the Furminator, and a small tooth comb. All of these used on a regular basis keep the dogs shedding less in the house. Also regular brushing can help you see any changes in your dog's skin and it help's you keep an eye on the possible flea and tick situation. I have actually found unknown injuries on my dog's during grooming sessions.I got a bath too!

So take the time to brush your dog often and wash them once in a while, if you live on a farm like me wait for a hot day and hose them down ha ha just kidding.


The guideline I use is to

The guideline I use is to bathe my Jack Russell either 1x or 2x a month in the summer and less frequently in the winter, since cold weather and ehated homes tend to dray out dog skin. I find that bathing too often will remove the coat's natural oils and cause the skin to dry and flake. I also spot clean with a no rinse shampoo or wipes. The wipes can be used every 2 days. If my Jack starts to smell, I'll also throw in an extra bath.