Guinness Plays through the Pain

All dogs feel pain. Some dogs mask it better than others, some dogs will fall apart due to a minor injury, and act as if they are totally "painless" to a serious one. Does it go as far back as the dogs wild orgins? Do they mask serious injury to keep from looking vulnerable to potential predators? 

Is your dog in pain? If so how does it affect their behavior? I chose this topic to blog about because my dog Guinness is in a battle with pain. She was diagnosed with a degenerative hip disorder at two she is now nine. At the time we were told if she did not exercise strenuously she would live a longer life. However, she is a Border Collie who lives and breathes fetch. We told the doc her life would have no meaning with out fetch and so we made a plan to balance her fetch time and ability to walk after fetch time. 

Her situation has deteriorated so much so that she is gated away from the other dogs and the baby. She can no longer rough house with the other dogs safely. And although my son is a prince to the dogs, he does fall down alot from running at top speed with his eyes closed. His falls do occasionally, land on, or near one of the dogs so I can't take the chance of him injuring her further or putting her in a position where she has to "manage" a painful situation herself. So we are facing the tough choice that comes with pet ownership, with our Guinness Bearis Dogis.  Her "Jolly Ball Mental" time is so limited at this point, because she can't walk for days afterward. I have tried shorter sessions, fewer times and every combo in between, but she is really struggling and getting depressed.

So Guinness I will sing your song for you.......(it is a song of all her nick names we made up)

Pine Cone Chicken Leg, Pine Cone Chicken Leg

Pine Cone Chicken Leg, Pine Cone Chicken Leg

Pine Cone Chicken Leg, Dirty Toe, Pig Pen, Cockleburr, Poop Butt, Frankenstein, Runaway!

We love you Guinness~


Assessment of Pain in Dogs by Bernie D Hansen