Holiday for Your Baby vs. Holiday for Your Dog Part 1

Well folks, the 4th of July holiday got me thinking about a blog topic near and dear to my heart. What holiday if any should my dog participate in? You all know I love my dogs to death, however I am kind of a "holiday doggie buzz kill" and let me explain why.  Let's take the most recent holiday, the 4th of July. There are many dogs that suffer from sound sensitivity. Fireworks booming and popping can frighten most dogs without sound sensitivity to the point of disorientation, let alone sound sensitive dogs. When I worked at the shelter, we always had a higher influx of dogs in the days following the 4th of July. They were dogs that were so frightened by the boom boom's they busted loose and ran and ran and ran. By the time they realized they were not going to die, they were miles from home.

If you asked my dogs about the 4th of July holiday, they would answer "What is this 4th of July you are speaking of????" The reason is, before we moved to the country, I lived in a town that takes celebrating the 4th to a whole new level, and the fireworks went off for days.  So, I would take my dogs, and put them in the laundry room, (aka the bunker) turn on a radio, and let them wait out the boom booms.  They never missed the party, because they didn't know there was a party. 

Another holiday my dogs are not aware of is, Halloween. There are many reasons why, here are just a few. Masks and costumes are scary. Even if you don't think godzilla is scary, your dog might. An endless stream of strangers ringing your doorbell, and yelling trick or treat is scary, and just too much commotion for your dog. Fear, may push a dog to do something they normally would not do. Your dog does not need to help you pass out candy at the front door. They do need a dog treat filled toy, in a quiet place, with a radio on, and no access to windows. Your dog most likely does not care to be dressed up in costume either.

So you say, "well Kelly what about Thanksgiving? We have 25 people over to our house, can our dog enjoy that party?" My dogs think Thanksgiving happens at 8pm. The only people left are Connie and Charlie, and the dogs get nummy snacks with their kibble. They don't know 25 people were here earlier, and guess what they don't care either.

Why am I such a Holiday doggie buzz kill? Well, I firmly believe in setting my dogs up for success in every situation. If I feel the situation is too much for my dogs, then they chill elsewhere. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR DOG AND THEIR LIMITS.

We have had numerous card parties, and countless visitors over the years, and my dogs do great. They lounge about the house acting as if no one was even there. I am not saying that a guest in my house has never gotten a dog nose up their butt because they have. My dogs are not perfect, they are dogs, and dogs sniff butts. However, jumping, or endlessly mugging guests for attention is strictly prohibited in our house.

Also, be a polite host, provide your guest with a complimentary once over with a lint roller on their way out the door.  

Part 2 to follow.......


very good post

hi I enjoyed this nice article


I can attest to your dogs being very good when you have visitors, of course I dont really visit to see the dogs, I just want to visit the Baby, but that being said, the dogs have never bothered me......oh maybe that one time when Mythos (PNDS) jumped up and got my viking sweatshirt muddy, LOL (he is the youngest)

PS   Your Blogs are great, keep them coming!!!!


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That is funny about Mythos, he was just a puppy then. It has been a long time since he has jumped on anyone. However, he does not know he weighs 90lbs and if you sit on the couch he will try to crawl into your lap as if he were a chihuahua!!!!!  That Meat he sure does suffer from PNDS!!