It's So Distracting

Our previous blog talked about rewards. I would like to extend the conversation into today's blog, but from a different angle. I want you to look at the list that you made of the things your dog loves and rank them 1-5. One being the best. Now, make a list of all the places you need your dog to comply with your behavior requests. For example, the living room, the fenced back yard off leash, on the regular walk, at a pet store, and at a dog park.

We are going to look at an example of this with one of my dogs, Vegas

Top 5 foods (food is her reward wheelhouse) Top 5 activities

1. String cheese                         1. Dog Park

2. Pup A Roni                             2. At a Pet Store

3. Sugar Snap Peas                   3. On a Walk

4. Asparagus Ends                     4. Off leash in Back Yard

5. Handful of her regular kibble  5. Living Room

I have matched her highest value reward with the most distracting environment. Her lowest value reward with the lowest distraction level. These lists are different for every dog. To have success in dog training in all environments, you must always have the rewards trump the distraction. When your reward outweighs the distraction you are increasing the chances that the dog will comply with your behavior request.

So guys, make your own lists for your dog and see what treat matches what activity!