Just Rewards

Today's blog is going to be a training treat, emphasis on the treat part. We are going to talk about what trumps what in your dog's world.

Before your training journey begins the most important thing you need to learn about your canine companion is, what do I have that my dog wants? What does my dog consider a reward? Is is food? Is it my attention? Is it a toy, or game? To what level can my dog's attention be held with this item that they consider a reward. Is it a high value, high distraction reward? Or is it a low value, low distraction reward?

Some of you may instantly know the answer to this question, as it applies to your dog. In Guinness's world, NOTHING trumps fetch. Since Guinness can't fetch with out me that works to my benefit in dog training. In Mythos's world, nothing trumps smelling stuff, as a trainer it is hard to compete with smelling stuff, but I get creative.

Take some time to make a list of things your dog loves. If it is food, then (A) you are lucky and (B) try many variations, and rank them according to how well each item keeps your dog's attention. Vegas is an example of that ranking system according to her, N.Y. Strip is low on her food list, string cheese however, is her number one food favorite.

Once you have figured out the best incentive program for your pooch, install it, and get some dog training done!!