Kelsey Soby and Fox 9 News

I am thrilled to say we now have our interview with Fox 9 news posted right on our site!

Back in July, on a balmy 97 degree very humid day (don't believe me, check out my hair in it frizzzzz ha ha), Kelsey Sobe, and her awesome camera man Steve, came to our country home, and interviewed us for 5 Dogs and a Baby.

I have to admit, leading up to the interview, I was very nervous. As you all know, my dog Meat suffers from P.N.D.S. and I was quite sure he was going to do something foolish, like shove his nose up a visitors rear end. Not the impression I wanted to leave with some one who was there to interview me about dog training. In preparation for the interview, we did some brushing up on how to act when visitors come over. I was very proud of all my dogs, they were so wonderful the entire time Steve and Kelsey were here.

Steve has three dogs of his own and my dogs picked up on that right away, they gravitated to him and his camera (his camera had 20 nose prints to prove it ha ha). I really enjoyed my interview experience with Kelsey she made me feel at ease.

When we first talked on the phone Kelsey had an idea of how she wanted the story to play out. After she met our dogs, saw how calm they were, she was amazed, and changed the angle of the story. At one point she asked me if I could get the dogs riled up, at the time two were sleeping one was in the kennel (went in on his own) to chew on a bone, one was in the kitchen, and only one dog was following me around. I said "Sorry, this is how they are in the house, they just chill." She was a tad disappointed with that until our baby cuddled up to our 100lb WGSD and read him a book. That moment was pure gold!

I was told at first that the story was going to run for 90 seconds. After their visit, they turned it into a feature story, that ran for almost four minutes on two different time slots. I was thrilled with how it turned out, they did a really nice job. I will say I could have done with out the anchor's comment on dog hair, it didn't really flow with the rest of the story. All and all we were very happy.

Thanks Kelsey, Steve, and Lori (the producer) for a great experience.