Introducing Dog and Baby

Welcome to Phase Three of the training program, Introducing Dog and Baby. You will be doing some final safety preparations to your house, making arrangements for your birthing experience, and doing some additional dog training preparations as well. The last few weeks of waiting for your new arrival can be an anxious time for expecting families. I found it very helpful to do everything I could to prepare in advance. Nothing was left to the last minute and that gave me huge peace of mind when the big day finally came. It made the transition from just us and 5 dogs, to 5 dogs and a baby that much easier.

In Phase Three I cover getting the last home preparations done, pretend introduction routines, words of wisdom spoken from experience, more training exercises, additional safety precautions, an awareness of your dog's kid personality, and some final thoughts on kids and dogs.

Thank you for checking out my training program. Best of Luck to you and your family.


Kelly King 

Please check back soon as I am working on additional Phases.