Welcome to 5 Dogs and a Baby™

A proactive dog training program, that will prepare your dog to welcome your new baby.

When you find out you are having a baby and you already have a dog (or dogs), so many questions run through your mind. You may wonder will my dog accept this baby? How do I introduce them? Are they going to be best friends or worst enemies? Do I have to keep them separated? Do I have to find a new home for my dog? Would my dog ever bite my baby? There are so many concerns for the safety of your child, but, your dog is family too. How can you keep them both safe? You need answers.

My name is Kelly King and I have the answers to your questions. I have 5 dogs, and a baby, and I have been through it all. I would love to help you ease the transition that is about to happen in your household. Having worked as a dog trainer at a Humane Society for years, I felt my dogs would do great with our new bundle of joy. But, I still wanted my pack o’ dogs to be as prepared as possible for our baby’s arrival. Even with my extensive dog training experience I was still looking for new ideas and any edge I could give my mutts. There was limited information available on the web, and even more disappointing...the information that was out there was not very good. I wanted more than the standard quote of “bring a blanket home from the hospital and let the dog sniff it.” I had 9 months to get my dogs ready BEFORE I brought a baby home. That is how 5dogsandababy.com was born.

I have taken my experience as a dog trainer, my experience as a new mom, and developed this unique training program. My goal is to help you prepare your dog for the new baby's arrival. I believe that in good dog training, your hands should never have to touch your dog. No choke, prong, or shock collars are allowed. The use of brute force or fear tactics are not effective, and are inhumane. You will learn the true facts about pack mentality, alpha, and dominance. Do humans really fit into that canine order? These are all things you need to know to really understand your canine companion, and foster the best relationship you have ever had with a dog.

Dogs learn best with positive reinforcement training. It is imperative, in my opinion, to use only positive methods when training dogs, especially when babies and kids are involved. You will learn how your dog’s brain works, what their first language of understanding is, and how to go from a zero to a hero in your dog’s eyes! There is written material to read, video attachments to help you with some of the exercises, and all of it should make you laugh a little too. Dog training should not be too serious. It should be fun, effective, and also, it is something to bring your whole family together (pooch included). With a few, ten minute sessions a day, your dog will be on the road to overall good behavior. With this training program you will both be better equipped to handle your baby's arrival.

The training process is broken down into three Sections. Phase One, Basic Training for Dog and Baby, Phase Two, Preparing Dog and Baby, and Phase Three Introducing Dog and Baby. All three are intertwined and should be read and performed in order, BEFORE the baby's arrival.

However, if you already have the dog and the baby, all three sections can still be instrumental in helping you with the goal of your dog and baby living harmoniously together.

Phase One is Basic Training for Dog and baby. This is an essential first step for preparing you and your dog for the arrival of your child. Much of the content of Basic Training is for you. Understanding how your dog thinks is a key step to successful training. In this first phase, I cover how your dog's brain works, why they do the things they do, canine communication, and how to use those to your advantage in training. The training exercises begin here as well. There are key elements to the training exercises learned in this first phase. They set you up to succeed in the following two phases and cannot be skipped.

Phase Two is Preparing Dog and Baby. This section takes the information from the first section and brings it to the next level. The exercises become more geared toward baby preparation and safety. There is also more information on what your dog is really all about and how that can translate to your baby. There are several new training exercises in this phase and a twist is put on the one's you have already learned.

Phase Three is Introducing Dog and Baby. In this last section, I cover some final preparations to your home, mock introductions, safety exercises, more training fun, some insight into toddlers and dogs, and a look into what I call, your dog's kid personality. There are also more discussions pertaining to the reality and responsibility that is, Kids and Dogs.

If my personal experience, or knowledge of the dog mind, helps even one dog stay in their home or keeps one child from being bitten, then I consider it a huge success!

Ok people, here comes a disclaimer. In addition to these words of caution, there is a legal disclaimer at the bottom of every page. Please remember, all dogs are different in what motivates them to learn. The information I provide in my written program and videos, may not work for every single dog on the planet but, it should work for a majority of dogs out there. If your dog has aggression issues such as growling, snapping, snarling, biting, posture freezing, guarding objects, or has shown any aggressive behavior toward people or otherwise, then this website is not for your dog. I beg you to please look up an Applied Animal Behaviorist in your area, and consult with them about your dogs behavior as soon as possible. An Applied Animal Behaviorist has up to eight years of college education in their field of study and usually hold a MA., MS., Ph.D., or DV.M. so look up their credentials please! 

I am NOT an Applied Animal Behaviorist. I am a dog dog trainer owner of 5 dogs, and a mom. This is NOT for dogs that are known to be aggressive or have had ANY aggression issues EVER!

The goal of my website is for you to know your dogs body signals, understand the way they think, and put realistic goals together for kids and dogs; while also giving you information and insight to help you recognize a possible situation before it arises between your dog and your child.

Trust your instincts, please use common sense, and remember dogs are animals, they can be unpredictable by nature.

Ok, now that being said, let’s get started and have some fun!