About Us

Our Mission Statement is "We bring an innovative dog training experience, to expecting families."

Here at 5 dogs and a baby one of our main goals is to promote a safe living environment for both, your dog and your baby.  We want to remind people that dog training can be simple, fun, and mutually beneficial.  Any training you do with your dog now, will pay off again and again in the future.  

We give families the tools they will need to achieve realistic goals in dog training.  Also, the ability, and knowledge to realize the benefit of setting boundaries for their dog and baby.  The responsibility of that job will always fall on the adults in the home.  Remember, as your child grows so must your dog training, it is an ever evolving process. There will be always be new challenges, but also some of the sweetest moments you can imagine.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our program.


Kelly King