Our Story

I wanted to take a little of your time and share with you Our Story. It begins with my dog Bubba, he was a 140lb purebred Bloodhound. I got him as a 8 week old puppy, from a very nice breeder. I thought I was doing everything right with him, I was determined to have a great dog. Well, that was not the case. Bubba was a terror.  Part of his failure as a dog was my fault, and part of it, was the fact that he was genetically predisposed to aggression.  

However, since that aggression saved my life, one dark night, at a rest stop in Indiana, there was a reason for him coming into my life. While I won't get into the whole story, I will tell you some of it. I was driving cross country, Bubba and I stopped at a rest stop, for a doggie bathroom break. A two minute operation at the most, heading back toward the car a man was quickly approaching us. I looked directly into the face of evil that night and I knew it, every hair on my body stood straight up. Bubba knew it too, he went ballistic at the guy, and the guy decided it was not worth the risk.  

Five years later, I saw that same man again, and every hair on my body stood straight up again. A picture of this man was on a "we caught him" television show, he was a serial killer, he abducted women at rest stops and did horrible, horrible, things to them and then ended their lives. Bubba saved my life that night. The sad part of this story is, his aggression became worse as he got older, and it was no longer safe to live with him. We found him a new home, he got a job with the department of corrections. He always hated bad guys, and now he got to chase them for a living. I felt like I owed all dogs my life after that night, and I didn't know how to pay it forward.

I then had a "Ah-ha" moment watching Oprah and realized I wanted to become a dog trainer. I went to a shelter that day, and became a volunteer. My husband and I began to rescue dogs on our own, and foster dogs for the shelter. We helped 72 dogs (and 4 cats) find new homes (or returned dogs who had lost their way back to their own homes). I do it all in the name of that horribly aggressive dog, Bubba. Even though he is gone now, I still love that dog with all of my heart. 

During this time, I began to take classes on line for animal behavioral science. I read every book I could get my hands on. I became a dog trainer part time at a humane society, and taught classes for the next several years. I went to seminars, became a certified dog trainer, CGC evaluator, and listened to any knowledgeable person when they talked about dogs. Our pack of dogs grew to 5, and then we had a baby. I could no longer teach the dog training classes I loved so much. With a full time job as a waitress, 5 dogs, and all of life's responsibilities, I no longer had the time to train other people and their dogs. I had a baby coming and I had more training to do with my dogs, and so that's what I did.

I miss that moment in class when I can get a owner to realize that the dog isn't stubborn they just haven't had the proper incentive program installed. I have watched frustrated, frazzled, clumsy, people turn into dog training machines. I wanted that to be part of my life again but I simply did not have the time. I love helping people make that bond with a really great dog and watch the relationship grow. I thought, I would also like to help new mom's like myself, and make life for them just a little easier. That is how 5 dogs and a baby got it's start. It fills me with joy to help people have a better relationship with their dog, and it fills me with pride to help families create safe and realistic goals for kids and dogs together. 


Kelly King and Pack